Vertex FT-250E FT-250R FT-270E FT-270R FT-277R FT- Replacement Battery

Part # CS-FNB67TW.2
Usually Ships in 14 - 21 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Vertex Two Way Radio Battery
  • Volts: 7.2V (7.2 Volts)
  • Capacity: 1800mAh (1.8Ah)
  • Type: Ni-MH
  • Color: Black
  • Vertex FT-250E FT-250R FT-270E FT-270R FT-277R FT-60E FT-60R VX-110 VX-120 VX-127 VX-150 VX-160 VX-168 VX-170 VX-177 VX-180 VX-210 VX-210A VX-400 VX-410 VX-414 VX-417 VX-420 VX-424 VX-427 VX-800 VX-800U VX-800V VXA-120 Pro II VXA-150 Pro V VXA-200 Aviator Pilot II VXA-210 Aviator Pilot VXA-210 Lite VXA-220 Pro VI VXA-300 Lite VXA-300 Pilot III Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # FNB-64 FNB-64H FNB-83 FNB-83H FNB-V57 FNB-V57H FNB-V83 FNB-V88 FNB-V94
  • Weight: 0.18 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Disclaimer: Our products are not affiliated with or authorized by Vertex.


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